Oceane, Fairy Of The Ocean

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Oceane, Fairy Of The Ocean

Post by MagicOfWinx on Tue Jan 05, 2016 5:22 pm

Coins: 976 Heart Coins
Name: Oceane
Age: 18 (Second Year)
Planet: Andros
Power: Ocean Water
Personality: Oceane is a bit goofy but when it comes to class or studying she is so serious she wont make a peep! Shes very freindly and loves water.
Appearance: (AT THE TOP!)
History: When Oceane was 3 she learned how to walk and talk. When Oceane was about 5 years old and in Kindergarten she was a bit of a nervous girl when it came to getting buckets and getting water on herself, thats because she was still very serious when it came to school and.. she only had about 9 outfits and her parents werent very good at cleaning but they finally got it right when Oceane was 8 she had more ouftits then but that really dosent matter when it was her first day or 2nd grade she had to share her desk with the school bully, Waterinika. Although Oceane didnt even notice cause she was to focused on the work. When Oceane was 12 she learned she had a sister but her sister never visited. When she was 13 she went to the Andros high school she was just to nerdy she had to sit alone at lunch. She always got a straight A Se learned about her powers when she was 14 she was nervous when it came to swimming she thought of swimming with dolphins dolphins appeared in the school pool and there was less water she glowed  a light blue for just a minute she was amazed but also frightened and told her parents and they were glad and told she would go to Alfea someday. She now wants to enroll into Alfea College For Fairies.

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